Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Remember Will Smith in I-Robot? Well, at least, remember the robot?

I bought the video when I was wandering past the Samsung TV shop in Burwood Westfields. They were playing the final cool battle scene on a giant TV and I was so inspired I nipped across to the video store opposite and bought a copy. As an aside I also did the same thing when the Samsung store was playing the final battle scene from Narnia. I mentioned this to the guy in the video store and he told me they provided the Samsung store the videos they played free of charge (but I digress).

Anyway, I figured the I-Robot story was just science fiction and I'd never see commercialy available humanoid robots in my life time. Then I saw this:

Honda has gotten to this from nothing in 20 years. I expect I'll be alive in another 20 years so maybe I will own a household robot one day.

For a more detailed look at Asimo's abilities, check this out.

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