Thursday, July 07, 2005

bloody hell

the London Underground and buses have been closed down due to explosions in the Tube and one in a double-decker bus (ripped it apart, I just saw it on the telly). Scotland Yard said explosions have been reported at Edgware Road, King's Cross, Liverpool Street, Russell Square, Aldgate East and Moorgate.the bus was at Tavistock Square. the latest reports -

from ABC Australia
Chaos as blasts rock London tube, bus

from the BBC
Two killed in London explosions

from ABC America
Blasts Rock London Subway, Destroy Bus

from CNN
Multiple explosions rock London

from Yahoo

'Major incident' closes London rail network, injuries reported

part of me hates to be so sensationalist as to blog it, but part of me wants to say jesus-bloody-christ just like everyone else... about the only thing you can say for sure is that London and Madrid are now the safest bets for a European city destination. because they've already been done over. which is hardly very confidence inspiring...

ps: Meg, help, blogger is a bitch and won't let me make it all look neat.

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