Saturday, July 30, 2005


Blue Tongues are one of my favourite reptiles. This is partly because I grew up with them in the backyard but also because they totally rock, and I almost have a biology degree so I know. (Number one is the Shingleback)
Anyway, the generic name for blue tongues is Tiliqua. This, I find, immensely cute.
Remember this next time you are thinking of a bunch of Mexicans drinking the Demon Drink that is Tequila.
An ex-workmate learned a different way of shooting tequila in Mexico - and this is apparently what the locals do.
Salt, Lemon or lime, shot of Tequila. You lick, suck, sip, but you don't swallow til the very end.
Lick the salt and hold it. Suck/crush the lemon. Mix with your mouth. Then add the shot. Mix and swallow.
The Tequila is mostly detected as wonderful smokey aftertaste.
I recommend it.

I do not recommend mistaking gin for vodka and making a big catchup glass of (non)vodka and orange. The consumption of this results in swig, pause, shudder. Swig, pause, shudder. It's a bit like catching up by charging through the bush rather than simply running along the meandering path to catch up with the other hikers.

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