Thursday, July 21, 2005

We're unemployed! We're unemployed!

I have six and a half days to go and then I'm unemployed.
I have decided to not take the digital filming job and instead take about a month off to do some admin, chill out and be a tourist in my own town.

I haven't yet been to the Museum of Contempary Art (even though it's free!) down at Circular Quay. I still haven't been to the Museum of Sydney or the one that Howard got all het up about with it's 'black arm band view of history'.
As thingo said 'History is little more than the follies and errors of mankind.'

I'm going to wander round Paddington and the Rocks and check out the small galleries and what-not and take full advantage of the fact I am young, tall and don't dress too well to walk wherever the hell I want in my own city without being hassled or mugged. (I was discussing wandering around the city at night with a slight, attractive, well dressed friend and she pointed out the caution she felt walking the streets at night.) [A bit of body language also works eg walking on the road rather than the footpath; walking with clenched fists; eye contact.] Dressing as Batman would be a bit of a two-edged sword methinks.

Work out the other stuff I take for granted.

Sitting in the sun.
Walking throught the Botanic Gardens with someone with a bottle of red each.
Catching the Rivercat up to Parramatta and back.

And I fully intend to find out what track I've taken the title from - some Aussie Hiphop outfit.

What else do people recommend?

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