Thursday, July 07, 2005

What women want blog day only one day late

or An Antidote to Hillsong

The 'Lord, what do women want' coordinated blogging from Wednesday was a really good idea. darcy's made me want to run up the barricade with a big red flag, the smoke shattering behind me as the flag billows and blooms. At the summit I raise a fist and holler 'Come on! Give it to them!' before being cut down in a particularly romantic fashion by hissing musket balls.
[Oh, yeah. I would have better hair in the movie.. screw it, I'd be played by the Gael bloke they keep going on about - the one from The Motorcycle Diaries.]

Okay, forbattle women.
6 things.
No more than four lines per thing.
Wait for it.

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