Friday, July 15, 2005

oh me-oh my-oh...

... it's amazing the disparate websites you come across while you're searching for something completely different... take a look at these, for example -

Vegan Straight Edge (little warning, there are a couple of icky photos on the page)


Battle Focused(tm) Ministries

now, to the naked eye, very different, and yet, they do have something in common. do you know what it is, boys and girls?

yes, that's right! they're both loony fundamentalists. hate to fire Anti-Ob back up again but oh, mummy, look at the silly man ranting on a street corner ;-)

go on, search their pages, I dare you to not get cranky. the pseudo-medico-babble on Straight Edge gets me quite cranky indeed - don't get me wrong, I think vivisection is very, very wrong, but all that guff? pfft. at least I can have a laugh at Battle Focussed because, well, they're hilarious, and they're For Battle in a really different way! have a squizz at the battle flow-chart on the 'Spiritual Warfare' tab and you'll see what I mean...

funny, huh?

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