Sunday, July 24, 2005

Living La Vida Loca.

I went and got Bluejuice CDs this morning.
My previous attempt on Friday night saw me get Butterfingers instead. Lord Mattress-Hammer came giggling up to me and pointed out the wonderful CD that he'd found called "The Sauna Sessions - Homo Rooting Music." I didn't buy that one. (Besides, I already have Ricky Martin and C and C music factory. Funnily enough it was MEG who put on Ricky and danced drunkenly to it last time. Yet, some how, _I'm_ gay?!?! Music that makes nice drunk women dance in my house and often on the table and yet arrr forgeddaboutit....)
So this morning I walked down the road and into SO Music and the cute babe was on. I think she must own it or be part owner. Anyway, she is really cute and has a really cute voice, and with said voice she said she didn't have the Bluejuice EP and that it was called "The Good Luck Pig". Then I thought about giving her lolly-pops and eating peeled grapes out of her belly button. Then about a line of cubes of mango from her chin to the strawberry that was placed 'just so' in a certain area.
Then I walked down to Fish and asked for the Bluejuice EP called "The Good Luck Pig". Sorry, said the woman, we only have "Zebra" (2003).
So I went and took 'Zebraaazz' (as I discovered it was spelled) from the shelf and for some unknown reason (as I have never, ever done this ever) pulled out the liner notes and read the funniest liner notes ever.

They start off with:

thank Youzz.
First and foremost, we'd like to thank the letter, Z, for being so street. Without your kind assistance, bluejuice could never be as hard as we are.
Thankz to Tony Buchem. You are hard too. Your production skillz are so topz and it showz in the phat tunezz. We like it how sometimez you have abeard and sometimez not. That's the fashion eh bro.
Thanks to Jacob Cook. At bluejuice when we hear your name we scream out "madremixa" and pull hard gang signz. Then we go tag your name on trainz.

This is the first time I've bought a CD for the liner notes.
Check out the liner notes, dudes.

Then I walked down to HUM and asked for the Bluejuice EP called "The Good Luck Pig" (2005). The woman (not hot, but cool peircings) there said 'yes' and gave it to me.
Or possibly word.
TGLP has 'Unemployed' on it, which is the lyric from the previous post and is a totally cool tune.
I must confess that I thought TGLP much better than Z because the keyboards and bass were funk based rather than jazz based and I much prefer funk over jazz, particulaly when it is used with hiphop. Musically and lyrically TGLP is much more developed, mature and interesting.
Anyway, these guys totally rock [yah. totally.] and they will get lots of play at my place.

Last night I went to the Vanilla Room in Leichhardt which is a bar about 50 square centimetres in area with really loud crap music that then turned pretty good but still made conversation impossible. I was with 400 other people when Alec brought in a shooter he'd been raving on about for a couple of days: Springboks. They are Creme de Menthe with Baileys sitting on top. They taste like peppermint Aero bars. They are extremely yummy. They are also (as I discovered later) $7 each.
After waiting for about 5 hours to get served, I broke camp and rolled up my sleeping bag to give my order. Realising that I been waiting for ages, and knowing that the next drinks might not arrive until next millenium I ordered two rounds ie 8 drinks.
8 x $7 = $56.

Let me write that again.


Holy shit!

So, next time, instead of spending $56 in some crap over-priced noisy place, I am having the Sydney University Women's Hockey team around. They can each pay $10 and LM-H and I will feed them Springboks for hours. Then I will take the nicest one up to my room with a small knife and a veritable cornucopea of fruit.

Fifty six friggin' busks, man. I'm telling you.

Christ, I like belly buttons. I really do.

Fifty freakin six freakin bucks!

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