Friday, July 01, 2005

A Cunning Plan

have just returned from dinner and jolly japes at Cozalcoatl and the anti-ob's place. they make a mean burrito, and have funky (in both senses of the word) ferrets to play with. also in attendance was harry, Amanda, and Mr and Mrs Grand Pooh-bah, who are yet to make their appearance amongst these fair pages...

anyway, Cozamacoatl was telling us how a bottle of grog broke in anti-ob's backpack. what was it again? the stuff that wasn't tequila? I can't remember. the point was - the waste of a whole bottle of spirits!

harry and I were lamenting this, wondering if they had sucked said precious fluid from the clothes in his backpack. as if that didn't sound suss enough, we then thought of... A Cunning Plan...

the Alcoholic Pants Party!


simple but brilliant.

instead of imbibing alcohol, the point of the evening is to get drunk through one's clothes, by immersing them in the spirit of choice and then wearing to achieve inebriation. we're not sure, however, whether to encourage Mr Grand Pooh-bah to wear Soako Pants. but hey, comic timing is *everything*...

so what do you think?

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