Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bathyby Diva

I have an odd urge to pass this on.

Does anyone watch Dancing With the Stars? I don't but now I've discovered the Bathie Army website, I wish I did. Show your support with a Chris Bath mask and read her "weblog." She is naughty to call it that though -- no comments, no blog, sweetheart.

What did Bathie do? Did she argue with them? Did she sulk? Did she complain? No, no and no. Three times no. She wore it. She took it on the chin, looked up and said "is that all you've got?" It was like watching Steve Waugh at Sabina Park in '95. She took all they could give, all their worst. And did she falter - not on your Nellie. She answered their criticism with a blistering Viennese Waltz, fighting a prohibitively slow tempo. Helen, Paul and Mark admitted she was their favourite in the waltz, and all gave her 8's. Todd showed that while spelling may be a favourite hobby, numbers aren't his thing, so he gave her a 5.

After soaking all that up, and bouncing back, she had to stand before the firing squad. She did it with dignity, poise and defiance. Edward Woodward did no better in "Breaker Morant". But she survived.

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