Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Vale Diosma!

Diosma, aka Doz, aka Dozzie-doo, aka Diosma
Coleonema pulchrum (Pink Breath of Heaven - now there's a laugh), aka BatDoz, died this morning aged 18 and a bit.

It may well look like she's a bit uncomfortable in these photos, but believe me, she was a real photo tart and loved it. Whenever I got the camera out (and especially the tripod), Doz would go and stand in front of it with a patient, "Humiliate me if you will" sort of look, whether she was going to be involved or not. Sometimes I had to put her in another room and close the door because she'd automatically put herself in the shoot!

She was also easy to sketch, and I made a print or two of her as well. They're in a set of drawers buried under a mound of crud, as is my very favourite photo, so don't be surprised if you see some more images pop up some random time in the future.

Doz got into some amusing situations, including The Great Chub Debacle, and even being discovered as (some of you will remember this) the reincarnation of JF "Two Bullets" Kennedy.

She was also a great companion, and always up for an adventure.

Diosma was a very good (and extremely funny) dog.

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