Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Scotland 1, England 0

Days in Aberdeen: 2
Days left house before noon: 0
Days got up before 11am: 0
Nights got to bed before 4am: 0
So far, on stats alone, it was a very successful weekend. But it gets better...

Pub crawls: 1
Pubs on crawl: 8
Crawlees at start of night: 15
Crawlees at end of night: 6
Fate of other crawlees: NFI
Drinks consumed: NFI
Types of drinks consumed: EVERYTHING!
Time got in: NFI
Method of getting home: On foot, eyes closed, being held up (and tripped over) by cousin.
Method of hangover recovery: Regression to 8 years of age in a swing park with a flying fox and obstacle course! (Totally cool, except for the bit where Dan fell off the see-saw and dumped me on my arse in the mud. Very funny tho'.)

But the reason why Scotland gets a point is this:

(That's Oli in the foreground. He's not looking picturesque, he fell over.) Dunnottar Castle! Actually, it is a full on fortress on an almost totally severed headland bit, with cliffs and ravines. Lots of it is intact, but also with gates in caves and passages to the beach. Totally awesome. That is all I have to say. It gets a point. Plus it is a real chance for me to go "Nerr nerny nerr nerr! I'm in Scotland!"
Here is a picture of a Scot who knows how to make Scotland look good. And Dude, this is Gemma, our future cousin-in-law. She rocks.

England, however, doesn't get a point.
I have never before spent a day in a town where the 20 meter visibility fog, with which the day started, held all day and never lifted or diminished or wavered. I've spent all day and all evening with the strange sensation that I'm living in a universe about 50 meters in diameter... Freaky, man.

(Oh and New Zealand gets a point by proxy. The sports bar that was playing the England vs All Blacks rugby match was full of Scots punters cheering the defeat of the Poms, and not a Kiwi in sight. *tee hee!*)

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