Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Does not compute. Social engineering.

A criticism from conservatives, THE RIGHT, and libertarians levelled at moonbat lefties such as myself is that we are intrusive, manipulative social engineers from the same hellish school as those bastards Stalin and Mao; and that this is a bad thing.
Yet, I can't help thinking that those who trumpet the triumph of the allies after WW2 as evidenced by what the countries of Germany and Japan have become are wrong to lay these laurels at the feet of the freedom, dmeocracy and the American way of life. Yes these countries have been amazingly successful at throwing off their previous dynasties, but surely these are cases FOR large scale intrusive, manipulative social engineering. After all, the whole purpose of these rebuilding programmes was to prevent these nations being militarily expansionist again; and by neccessity that meant deliberately targetting those parts of the nation that gave rise to it. Certainly preventing both countries from having armies helped them immensly and they served their designated purposes of acting as a bulwark against Soviet and Sino power blocs very well.

So, is leftie moonbat social engineering a bad thing? No. It can be good, and it most certainly can be successful.
So are THE RIGHT, libertarians and conservatives fans of massive social engineering? You bet your arse.
So, no more finger pointing on that issue thanks.

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