Friday, November 04, 2005


Right! That Lying little turd deserves... grgrargh! Something very Bad to happen to him.

This story says it all. That clear-and-present danger that he was wanking on about to justify his new uber-bastard laws to play craphouse politics with MY nation, yeah? It was a load of shit. I'm not surprised, but even better is that it was a current operation that has been run by the feds etc for over a year and now our Great Leader blew the lid on it. Hooray!

So, I ask again: is Howard serious about the War on Terror (TM).
No, he's f@cking not. And he never f@cking was. And he can just go and get f@cking f@cked. [thanks to Ozzy for helping me with this post.]

Anyone who has ever said that Howard was good at anything or good for the nation can suck my balls from now until eternity. Or perhaps, suck someone else's balls. Nic White can go and suck Amanda Vanstone's fladoobadah's as punishment for being simply crap.

Oh and Fatboy, you are the shittest Labor Leader ever. We need someone with real balls and that can mean one person only: Julia Gillard.
Jules, it's time to whip em out and give everyone a thorough fisting!! Yeah, see how _you_ like it, dickheads!
"Jules: putting the love in glove".

If I don't get arrested before then, the revolution will take place in the event of a Liberal victory next election. Walls. Blood. Painting. Wall. Lining up. Shooting. That sort of thing.

Carry on.

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