Thursday, November 24, 2005

One Day My Rogue Will Come

I'm posting this mostly because I'm sick of the dog/cat thing. Kate's post reminded me of it.

I challenge any of you to top it for coolest fictional namesake. And, yes, I bought a copy.

Amanda Rose was an English beauty determined to escape the loveless marriage imposed on her by her cruel stepbrother. She never dreamed a mysterious rogue from the New World would enter her life. Amanda's promise not to betray Matt Grayson, a wounded fugitive, was soon replaced by a deeper vow. Now a cruel twist of fate threw them together as enemies, instead of lovers.

UPDATE: Cozling is right, I shoulda included the Amazon reviews.

Oh and ps I went to boxing class for the first time tonight. Coz, I put you down as emergency contact so if my poor body unlawfully protests via cardiac arrest and you get a call from bored ICU nurse to that effect, you'll know the backstory.

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