Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey Day

Once again The Land of the Free, provided us with the perfect excuse for vast over consumption. Having a genuine Seppo in the ranks lends it a air of really.
It rained till 11am, cleared up to be a beautiful warm afternoon...just what we ordered.

20kgs of turkey, lashings of mashed potato, corn, salad and bread to stuff 35 odd, and i do mean odd, people to the gunnels with enough left over for the standard mature food fight.

Hmmm sweet buttery Turkey Love

The fixings.

Child protection work laws are for losers...

Ready yet huh huh?? I'm hungry....Notice the patented ObTopsNw BBQ of Power.
Plans supplied on application, must have own plamsa cutter.

The hordes descend

All appetites, some more unnatural than others were sated.

It wasn't all just over indulgence and making merry.
Evil never sleeps.

Quick quiz: Which turkey centre piece did you most resemble the morning after?
A: perky and fluffy
B: not so perky and fluffy
Answer: B

(big thanks to Megs for making such awesome peices)

Next morning had some friends drop by to help clean up all the bread that just accidently happened to be thrown around.

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