Thursday, December 22, 2005

5 Weird Habits

Here's the rules:
The first player of this game starts with the topic five weird habits of yourself, and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don't forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says You are tagged (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

For Battle got tagged as a group by Kate over on Moment to Moment. I guess we could do this individually and then also 5 Weird Habits of the collective.

At first I didn't think I had 5 weird habits ('cause I'm the dull one) but after thinking about it a bit, I've now got to figure out which 5 to use....

Here goes...

My weird habits.

1. I don't drink. I don't like the taste so I don't bother. There are a few drinks that I find borderline palatable (think lolly-water-chick-drinks and then add sugar) but I don't tend to drink more than one at a sitting - my control freak super powers kick in at that point. Reality is for people who can't stand drugs.... that's me.

2. I darn socks. I'm actually quite a good embroiderer, but at the moment I'm so slack that my hand sewing skills only get inflicted on old socks. I also patch jeans, but we haven't destroyed any recently.

3. I sing. A lot (but certainly less now than in my youth) In the shower, doing housework, mid-conversation, driving in the car, to myself. Often, I don't notice I'm doing it. Often, I sing just a single line of a song and never finish it (I had a friend sing along to something obscure and I was amazed they knew it... the reply was "No, just that line... it's the only one you sing"). I like to think I'm reasonably good at singing. Considering my friends haven't killed me yet, I must be at least okay.

4. I hate tissues. I don't like to use them and I really hate scrunched up used ones being left around. In fact all scrunched up, damp paper products are icky - paper towel, torn beer coasters, beer labels pulled of the bottles. I blame my mum - Her bag used to be full of scrunched up tissues and you never knew if they were clean or not, but you had to delve through them when you were sent to fetch the purse/keys/whatever.

5. I blow my nose on spare t-shirts. Probably a bit as a result of 4. However, I maintain that if you have a really snotty nose, a t-shirt is better than a hanky because the material is a lot softer and there is far more real-estate. Speedy hates this habit and made me some hankies out of stretch cotton (and they do get used, but not at home)

ForBattle Weird habits (feel free to amend these when you think of
something better)

1. Old in-jokes. We have a lot of them and will create new ones at the drop of a hat...
Things like - "adjuwah!", "geodie, bunghole", "fine foam" "Cozbonker", "Mighty", "It's all good", "For Battle"... the list goes on...

2. We never stick togther in a battle. "At the dawdle..."

3. Any conversation will eventually end up at 'bumsex'. 'Oo err' is a favourite saying.

4. Mr and Miss are terms of endearment (even though it sounds like we are being formal)
Also we all have far too many names. It sometimes gets confusing about what name to use when introducing yourself at parties.

5. Apart from the dull control-freak, the buddist and the pregnant, too much alcohol is
bearly enough.

I tag all you other For Battlers who are still pretending to work....

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