Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Phineas is a mate of mine, straight outta Colorado now resident in the home of the hopeless jokes of the universe, the goddamn lousy Cubs. Those crummy jerks.

He takes the awesomest photos and makes the awesomest collages. Also sends the awesomest music, Cozalcoatl will appreciate his introduction to me of Sixteen Horsepower. He is also a fine companion to take to a baseball game, if ever the chance arises.

I've got a calendar of his photocollages of sites around Chicago at my place. There's a BEACH in Chicago!?!!? Did you know that? I did not and it still spins me out a little. "Chicago" and "beach" do not seem to go together. Yes, I'm easily spun out.

In my constant quest to edify all those around me, I present:
No Commercial Potential
An Exquisite Corpse
Pictures at Flickr

I know you discerning people will enjoy his work like I do. Except for the spooky doll photos, I don't so much enjoy those as internalise their horror.

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