Monday, December 05, 2005

The Lines Are Open

Hello. Goodnight, And Good Luck is a new film directed by and starring George Clooney, and also starring David Strathairn, who positively makes me swoon all over on sight. Or thought. He -- himself, in person -- was at the Palace in Leichhardt on Friday night for a screening of it, but was I there? No, I was not. That's because my dear sister's birthday celebration takes precedence over such trivialities as actually meeting the man of my dreams. Anyway. I have two tickets to a preview screening hosted by the ABC for tomorrow night down at Circular Quay. The Dendy in the Toaster. I am going to boxing and the Blogger meet up instead. I will see this film as soon as I can, it has had rave reviews, but another time and without DS in attendance, the urgency has gone.

Do not pike the blogger meet up to snaffle the tickets. This defeats the purpose. Only if you weren't going anyway or have a super special reason. It's between you and your conscience.

You want tickets? Riddle me this. What is the greatest instrument ever invented? If anyone wishes to plead a special case I will give it my benevolent consideration.

Answers in comments.

PS the answer is "the banjo."

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