Thursday, December 22, 2005

Community Announcement, Pray Heed

Let BLOOD,BLOOD,BLOOD be your motto, and go put out.

Stig and I bled for our country today and we feel great. No boss is going to say "NO you can't go and give lifesaving, much needed blood that may save a tiny, tiny precious baby's life...." so you all have no excuse (except the ones that do...).

I need to maintain the rage next time i go, my BP was a bit low 100/60 so they only took 410ml instead of 470ml. My flow was like a drought stricken rivelet instead of the usual mighty raging Franklin, and i hope not doing any strenous exercise didn't mean not to cycle home afterwards. I didn't faint, not even once.
(not that i'm trying to make it into a competition or anything. Best time 470mls in 7 minutes. Beat that!)

REMEMBER: The next head smashed in by an angry white supremacist's beer bottle could be yours.

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