Monday, December 12, 2005

Love camping Hate code

I was going to be all cyber chick and sort the 'fold' thing out. So damn close i can taste it.
Anyway i posted a thingy about how cool camping is on my very own blog...ohhh yes my precious.
A Cunning Plan

Which if you scroll to the bottom you will see why i started it, so don't get all excited.
Anyway i have half the fold thingy worked out but it does not fold....bah.
You can click on Read More, except you already are reading it all. The code it tells me to put in the post itself hates me and does nothing, nothing damn its eyes.
So i'm not posting it here cause its long.
Check it out, leave comments, instructions, insults, know the drill.
With Internet Explorer the Flickr and weather thang are on the side, with Netscape they are waaay down the bottom. Is it the same for everyone?
Why can't i just jack in and have my brain tell it what to do?? I blame William Gibson and his ilk for getting my 1980's hopes up about the future.

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