Monday, December 12, 2005

Great leader my lily white arse!

"Asked whether yesterday's violence was an example of tribalism, Mr Howard said: ``No''."

This is because Howard is a dead-set lying fcukwit. Is it seditious for me to send text messages to my lefty friends to assemble at parliament house to claim it back from the fcuking righties? What about if we target Our Illustrious Leader directly?

Howard, do your fcuking job your smarmy, weaselly fcukwit!

"``I believe yesterday's behaviour was completely unacceptable but I'm not going to put a general tag (of) racism on the Australian community."
No one's asking you to, cnutfeatures. But they are asking you to specifically condemn what's going on in Cronulla.
Silence speaks volumes, you snivelling little siht.
You're a freaking champion of what's unAustralian and what isn't. And you're very good at labelling when non-Australian's do unAustralian things. Funnily enough, arsehole, to have meaning, the label 'unAustralian' actually has to be applied more firmly and more dilligently against Australians themselves.

So, get out there and start being our fcuking leader.

God knows the fcuking Shire voted for you, so chose this time as one of those numerous times you ignore public sentiment. Take a stand against these people, because they are YOUR people.
Guess what happens when you stoke the fires of some bullsiht "Clash of Civilisations (TM)": you get it in our streets! Good work, brainiac.

And as for Beazley: get cracking you whiffly piece of fluff! Be the nation-damned opposition Leader, for Grod's sake!

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