Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Wish List

The excitement of Yule Feast is over and I'm now looking at the next challenge coming up.

Yes. It's Christmas. HELP!

I haven't done any shopping! I so suck at shopping. Except for books.... I'm good at shopping for books.

A few years ago I declared a ban on Christmas in my family and announced that only people under the age of 18 could get presents. It seemed like the only way to stop my mum spending too much on stuff I never use.

But deep down, I do like swapping presents.

So in an attempt to encourage the giving of practical presents, there is the Christmas wishlist. These are things that are cunning, funny, useful, desireable and yet still costs around $20 or less.

So does anyone have cunning suggestions what could go on such a list? What would you put on such a list? What do you think I need? (DV has done well in the last few years by deciding I needed a new brush and wallet after seeing the state of my old ones.... Speedy had to buy me another brush when I didn't throw out the old one fast enough!)

I'm not writing this in an attempt to up my Christmas haul this year. I'm not attempting to instigate formal gift giving amongst the For Battle crowd beyond the Surly Santa at the Chrissie Pissie. I just know that I will be attending a Christmas gathering where small gifts will be exchanged and I've already been asked for suggestions. I have a standard suggestion, but I got enough socks and undies for Christmas last year and I really don't need any right now (although it's still a incredibly practical gift in my opinion)....

Tis the season to get angsty.....

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