Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Black Army Pants of Untold Doom claim Victory

They seek him here. They seek him there.
They seek him almost everywhere.
Is he on the roof? Under the floor?
That damned elusive Fyodor.

You'll never guess who I had two pre-dinner pints of guiness; chinese seafood dinner with a bottle of very nice Mornington Peninsular Pinot Noir; and post dinner whiskeys until quarter to one last night with...

And to answer Mindy's question: not, it wasn't an anticlimax to meet him in the flesh.

A thoroughly likable, engaging, erudite, funny guy.

Oh and generous. He gave me a book, whilst all I gave him was a Serenity fridge magnet.

And he was fully expecting us to have devised a plan where I'd meet him and have you guys secretly posted throughout the pub. Us? Moi? Us? As if.

I, of course, cannot tell you anything as I'm not about to spoil his fun.

I am soooo the coolest kid in school.

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