Sunday, August 21, 2005

I don't have a title yet...

I was going to explain it, but it was dumb. *delete* So let it stand - this song came to me today ... (work in progress, of course) and though i can't, obviously, give you sound, here are the lyrics.

There're no bars on this window and through it I see
everything. The sky's as blue as yesterday and the
colour of the leaves on the trees is just starting to
. There's no chain on this door. "Another glass of
wine, my friend, before you go?" I'm left
standing here, back where it all began.
Locked in some prison cell.

The streets are full of people, all my time is full of coffee conversation wine and cigarettes,
another plate of sushi.
It's a perfect day for living and my life is filling up...
It can't get more alone than this, in my suburban cage


The streets are full of people all my mind is full of armoured conversation, tiny oubliette,
another phase of beauty.
It's a day for perfect living, all my time is taken up...
It can't get more alone than this, in my suburban cage

Necessarily there's a verse or bridge or both missing, but i'm too intoxicated now to even try at it. it took me long enough to work out how to spell oubliette... Anyway, flamethrowers ready?

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