Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wave the flag!

Ok, its about that little "Flag?" icon up the top of the page.

As censorship goes, I think democratically elected warning labels is pretty mild, and I don't think this blog was ever really intended for the world at large so much as a way to continue crapping on with our friends when they're too far away and we're supposed to be at work, so we wont really care if they stop advertising us. Its still kinda obnoxious. Offensive even. So I've flagged our blog as offensive, because it contains and example of censorship, which I find offensive. I encourage you to flag it too.

But - and here's the important bit - how do we tell if we're winning? Are we merely mildly annoying, or are we world-class obnoxious? I want a scorecard! So go on over to http://help.blogger.com/?page=wishlist and tell the kind people at blogger that we want a way to tell how many people have flagged our blog as offensive. Vote early; vote often!

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