Monday, August 15, 2005

The jigsaw surprise

At home we have a large jigsaw which we mounted onto a backing board and framed. Subsequently, we discovered that our framing technique or materials or both weren't as good as we'd hoped when the wire on the back of the frame broke and the frame itself broke when it hit the floor. So the jigsaw has been gathering dust ever since. It sat in the garage up here for about 18 months then I decided as a surprise for husbang to get it reframed.

Now, we have had a few different pictures framed in the last few months and he has always insisted on having the same frame on them all, so we have a sort of theme going. So didn't need to pick a frame I just went with what we'd used before. Husbang even cleaned up the garage and didn't notice jigsaw was missing. So, thought I, he'll get a big surprise when he sees it. And he did. Then he looked at me and said 'I wish you'd consulted me before you did this'. Thanks darling, no wow I didn't even notice it was gone, or thanks for the surprise, just 'why didn't you consult me?'

Well, lets try because every other frickin frame in the place had to be the same, so what's so different about this one? 'But I wanted a mat around it'. The jigsaw is about 1500m x 900mm ain't no mat gonna fit that, besides you stuck it onto a board that was only just thin enough to fit the frame on, so couldn't have fit a mat on if we wanted to. 'But I wanted a different frame (all this is going on in the shop, in front of the framing lady)'. That's when I got nasty and told her that he didn't like the frame. He then had to backpedal and explain that she had as usual done fantastic work, it just wasn't what he had envisaged for that jigsaw. He later admitted that he'd imagined it with a f_ckoff big gold frame - like nothing else in our house. How's that for a theme? Anyway, the framing lady called in her husband as reinforcements and he said the frame looked fine. He even said it was the one he would have chosen. Maybe he was even telling the truth.

So we take the jigsaw home and hang it on the wall, and husbang slowly starts coming around to admitting that it's not so bad. Still bleating about the frame though. Only some of our pictures were going to be in that type of frame he says. So, I say that's why you were trying to find similar frames to put all our photos in? At this point he admits defeat.

Moral of the story: don't mess with me when I try to do something nice for you, or I will destroy you. I did warn him that this would become a blog post, so he only has himself to blame.

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