Monday, August 01, 2005

Toddler Wars

The score:

Sage vs Charlie - Sage 1, Charlie 0
Alex vs Charlie - draw

Sage vs Charlie
Sage is a bit older and a bit taller and a bit heavier than Charlie and was on his home turf so he did have the advantage, but he played fair and deserved the win. Charlie was cranky (as noted by Ms Duck) and not in the mood to share Sage's toys. There was also a tussle over whether the back door should be closed or open, which Sage won, all the while asking why couldn't he open the door in his own house. Good point, but somewhat lost on Charlie. They did both however enjoy the backyard and chooks and a quick visit to Ms Duck's to admire her cats, while D and I admired the kitchen and bookshelves. Hopefully next time Charlie will be in a better mood when he meets Sage, as I suspect they may get along pretty well. And let's face it, tough if they don't because I had a great time talking to Zoe and Ms Duck and look forward to more touching of elbows.

Alex vs Charlie
Alex few days younger than Charlie, but still outweighs him and is a bit taller. However, I'm calling this one a draw because after some initial upset they actually played next to each other and shared toys. It was a lovely moment. I suspect they may have started to remember each other as they have spent a fair amount of time together previously. We then enjoyed a walk down to Tina's still being built house and looked in the windows because the builders had actually locked up this time.

I had a lovely time touching elbows with Zoe, Ducky and Tina. Also touched elbows with harry, Coz, Speedy, Meg, Rob, the Other Andrew and numerous others.

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