Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Falling in love all over again

When you first fall head-over-heels for your true love it's utterly breathtaking - intense and all-consuming. There is perfection and destiny and ecstasy.You are a warrior, a beliver. You need nothing else, this is life dammit.

Then of course comes the disallusion, or the apathy. It's too hard, not exciting enough, and pretty much everything else is more enticing. You feel sad for what you've lost, but you shrug and say 'oh well' ignoring that empty feeling as you head off to take on the next challenge life throws at you.

And life isn't bad. Life is even good. But slowly you realise that the kernel that you buried deep deep inside you didn't die.. and now it's slowly putting out tendrils towards the light.

The second time you fall in love with your true love it's different. It's slower, sweeter, earthier - honey on home-baked brown bread. You are making a concious and informed decision acknowledging the good and the bad of it all... you finally start to see the whole picture. Your love is part of your life, not the entire meaning of it. You have discovered that your life would not be the same or as complete without it, and you have chosen to welcome your love back into your life.

And you start to experience what magick really is.

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