Tuesday, August 02, 2005

For Serenity!

We saw Serenity last night and you didn't, so nyah!

Which might carry a bit more weight if like 75% of the people liable to be reading this weren't there last night, but the rest of you missed out. Our viewing of the film probably demonstrates some sort of innate cleverness or moral superiority (thats the feeling I got from the rest of the crowd) or at the very least that we're bigger geeks than you, and at least one of us works near George St. Which reminds me; I occasionally like surrounding myself with geeks because a) they get my jokes, and b) they make me feel less like a total dweeb in comparison, but I can't stand the experience because a) I get their jokes, and b) they talk endlessly about their collections of star wars memorabilia like the guy sitting in front of us (oh and c they can't sing, but insist on trying... with the theme songs from science fiction tv shows. Urgh.)

The movie itself was excellent but I worry it might be a bit lost on people who haven't seen Firefly; so go watch the series (again!) No spoilers excpet to say that Joss hasn't changed much.

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