Saturday, August 06, 2005

'The Island' - Mad reviewing Skillz 2

'The Island' has been panned in the press.
Well, screw those guys! They don't know shit.
It was a great romp - go and see it.
The first half is scifi then the secondhalf is mostly action.
If you are more interested in stuff blowing up then there is lots of that. Also possibly the best car chase I have seen.

Great cast: Ewan McGregor, Sean Bean ('rrehh!') , the black french guy who was in Gladiator and Scarlett Johannson.
I hadn't seen Scarlett in a movie before, but let me just say that Pygmalion did an astoundingly wonderful job.

Pyg.: Come on Gods!
Zeus: Yeah, look we know you're pretty good b....WHOA! [Zap!]
[Galatea reaches down; Pygmalion reaches up; Jean Leon Gerome says 'Fantastic! Hold it!]

Oh, and when she challengingly cocks her eyebrow at Ewan.... and then the thing with the lips...

Pretty much this movie is a geek's best dream ever.
1) Work out The System.
2) Become a rebel.
3) Play with kickarse weaponry.
4) Drive some cool vehicles.
5) Lose your virginity.
(Possibly in that order)

In other news: Tonight I'm being an Uruk-hai on drugs with no pants.

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