Thursday, October 27, 2005

Great Questions for a Great Age

Having just woken up from a afternoon nap and still a bit dozy, i have been posed with this question.
I had a sick day from work, yes a real sick day, not a "mental health" day, not a "i better take them while i still have choices" day, but a real "i'm feeling like UUUHHHGGG" sick day.
I won't mention its because i have secret womens business, because then all the men will go "ahh ohh", shift in thier seats, try to look all understanding and snaggish, but really be all ooggly inside.

I fell asleep on the geek lounge which is too short for me but i can see the computer so its a comfort thing. Had a dream consisting of being in the world, and playing World of Warcraft, various real friends coming over to play World of Warcraft (you know who you are), getting pissed off with Ob because he won't change back into the humungous spider so i can finishing killing it and get xp and loot.
All this and having the same amount of pain in my dream i'm having when awake.

Woke up to discover half my World of Warcraft playing time is gone and that i've drooled all over one side of my face, my arm and the sheepskin.

I want to know is why do i drool when i have arvo naps and never drool at night.

(except that once when a frock coated Johhny Depp strode out of a duck pond and well... you know)

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