Friday, October 21, 2005

Just Mast Up Runnin'

For the past few months a handful of us have been getting together on the first Tuesday of the month for a bit of a drink, bit of pool, bit of awesome jukebox monopolising and bit of chat. This has been happening in the Oiirish salubriousness of Kelly's, but the bright idea was proposed last time to shift down King St to the Coopers Arms where Tuesday night means .... TRIVIA! (But let's agree to avoid it on Thursdays -- backpacker night. Eek!)

Is it not time the For Battle (Emerald City branch) crowd revived this Phreaquish tradition? And yes I know it's not as con-wenient to many of you as three blocks from your houses like last time but ... hell, it's way more con-wenient for me! Also, it's fun. These meetups are very low key, just a cool chilling time and you
get to meet some way coolpeople outside the usual blogging suspects.

Plus ... TRIV!

So it's Tuesday week, 1st November.

Pweeeeeeeeeeze can we go????

Update: Forgot the time. D'oh. Triv starts at 7 so I'm thinking 6-6.30ish to get a good possie and have a relax before the serious bidness starts.

The cool badges are the work of Papertrap Mark.

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