Monday, October 31, 2005

... (speechless)

We were so cynical.
We said it could never be done.
We argued our doubts emphatically, emotionally and eloquently.
We voiced concerns, we quaked with anxiety.

We were wrong.

I have just seen the new Pride and Prejudice and it was superb.
There is just nothing wrong with it. At all.

All discussion is going in camera, but if you have seen it or have questions, I am dying to disect this someone!
But a quick note: George can go screw himself. I'll go for the redesigned Darcy, or the adorable Bingley, or even the thoroughly edible Wickham.

Still smiling uncontrollably. Brilliant screen play. Brilliant recreation of characters. *sigh* I'll shut up, shall I?

(Oh yeah, and I want to kill the whingeing princess on IMDb who wrote the review - obviously one of these people who doesn't get the concept of "movie adaptation" and would have whinged about the Elves coming in too early in the LOTR films. The review is basically; 'It doesn't replicate the book perfectly, therefore it is worthless.' You know the type...)

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