Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Movies x 3 (correction: 2)

I saw Little Fish.
wwb does a much better job than I would in reviewing it. Go and see this movie. It is sublime.

And when the shorts were on I saw the short for "Night Watch" which looks to be the most visually impressive film ever. Lots of very neat camera tricks and CG stuff. Rob likes it too apparently. When it started I thought it was 'Mirrormask' because it looked so Neil Gaiman: horror and magic in contemporary setting. But it's a Russian production and is part one of a three part "horror epic". I am champing at the bit. It's the battle between good and evil that had a truce called on it that is enforced by the Night Watch who are.... look, when I see it I am bringing spare scrotums because I tore my balls off just watching the short.

Mirrormask is showing at Dendy now!!
UPDATE: No it's not! I can't read "Murderball". I asked and they don't have Mirrormask listed. they suggested it could show at Palace but weren't sure.

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