Saturday, October 01, 2005

Strangers, but somehow still kin.

Does anyone else faithfully follow Column 8 in SMH?
I have been an avid reader ever since I discovered that the latest incarnation has a real personality, unafraid to make fun of itself or its contributers, willing to take a running joke to the next level, and delighting in the perverse pursuit of useless trivia and the tormenting of its readingship with the same. (Mentioned in the last item of today's column, the Lady Agatha Maberly has been a character who has featured on and off for months!)

That aside, people of sense who can encapsulate a thought into a ten line, single column paragraph are still given free lead. Such a one is this, to which I make no furthur comment as I couldn't possibly improve on it - a valid question, a scathing political observation, and witty to boot:

"I can't answer the question about how famous you have to be, to be assassinated instead of just murdered (Column 8, Wednesday)," concedes Drew Wagner, somewhere in France. "But I would like to know how wealthy you (or your country) have to be before you are called an expat instead of an immigrant. I now meet Irish expats, yet growing up they were always described as immigrants. Maybe the Government can start calling detention centre inmates 'expats' to further diminish any residual sympathy for them from the community."

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