Tuesday, October 18, 2005

yednebit made me do it

7 things I want to do before I die.
1) Spend an evening playing pool, drinking beer and talking shite with Michael Marshall Smith in a pub in north London.
2) get a book deal with a major newYork publisher
3) Take my second million and employ some reprobate programmers I know and make the best computer games in the world so we don't have to put up with the unending supply of complete crap anymore.
4) Move Amanda's post down the page. hehe.
5 - 7) not feeling truthsome enough

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1) Eyes that hrurh you right in the splondokils.
2) Eyes that lock with mine and then a slowly-spreading slightly-predatory grin (Actually this is the Number1 way to get me to do anything. And yes, that does mean anything.)
3) Her eyes.
4) Her eyes, I tell you.
5) Earth
6) Fire
7) Maya Stange. It's all there. She is my dead-set pinnacle of physical perfection. If I was going to carve Galatea I'd just copy Maya Stange. But I don't have to, because she already exists. Which is lucky because I don't rate my carving skills at all.
A - Where's her nose?
B - It fell off.
A - Why does she have two triangular belly buttons?
B - I don't want to talk about it.
8) Belly button. Man, I can't get enough of belly buttons. They're like a... thing.... that, y'know... makes you get all... thingie?

3 things I say a lot
1) tea?
2) Dude.
3) Whiteman?

2 Things I can't do
1) Get over the idea that if I look behind a shadow, or through a reflection, or into a lyric I will discover a hidden world.
2) Whistle

5 celebrity crushes.
Well Fyodor stole almost all of mine (including Kristin Scott-Thomas which I wasn't expecting) - and he went into extra time too for more points to boot! He did miss the obvious though: Eliza.
1) Eliza Dushku.
2) Maya Stange - most recently from the movie Garage Days.
And two oldies (as in from my yoof, not that they are old women per se)
3) Mary Mastrantonio from The Abyss and Kevin Costner's Robin Hood: Poonce of Leaves.
4) Michelle Pfeiffer (yes, I can actually find blondes attractive)
"Farewell ancient ladies! Farewell!"
5) Claudia Black. She was the female lead in farscape and was Queen of the Amazons in an episode of Xena (I think it was the episode showing the arisal of the Amazons).
6) Claire Forlani
7) Sean Bean. Yes, I know he's not a chick, but he has played some totally arse-kicking roles: Sharp, Andy McNab, Boromir (Best death ever) and Odysseus. And if he stood at the end of the street, flourished a weapon and yelled "I'm going to hell! Who's coming with me?" I would down tools and charge on in there to give the Devil some curry. I'm man enough to admit man-crush.

6 other things
1) No mobiles.
2) None of that.
3-6) Or any of the others.

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