Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I suspect that ForBattle is a tea drinking blog. (Ok, and coffee for you freaking degenerates out there).
The recent comments on LP on Mark's thread about wondering whether to shut it down or not got me thinking about various things.
1) Fyodor's comment of "It sucks to be Ken Parish, doesn't it?" was absolute gold. When various people suggested Mark get more people to help/contribute, I almost typed up a post about eggplants to email him then and there.
2) On Troppo there were frequent diversions into discussions about what people were drinking. Most people went for various wines, though Ken went for Toohey's Old as well. This wine talk was quite prominent at LP for a while. So, I got thinking about what people drink while reading this blog. Obviously it's a daytime blog because most are sitting in an office and you can pretend to work when you're not. I'd unsurprisingly venture that 90% of blogs are exactly this. If half a bottle of cab-sav at 9pm while tooling around on Troppo and LP is the done thing (and I enjoyed doing just that), then getting up every now and then for a cup of tea fits in quite well with checking this slack blog.
Of course, we can't be everything to everyone (well everyone who counts) because there already is slashdot. And the correct way to read that is in your underwear like a real employed programmer, right?

...Look, what I'm trying to say is that when the aliens land you'll read it on Slashdot, not here. I'm sorry, but it's just the way it is. We're too busy drinking tea looking at exploded animals.
Hey, can we organise posts via headings like Haiku Hogan's 'Angry drunk post'? Because then we'd have 2 posts under "Exploded animals" and I think we'd be the only non-dedicated blog to do so.

So, just to reiterate:
If you're after exploding animals then you need (a) clothes, (b) tea, and (c) to be here.
If you want to know when the aliens land and how to plagarise whitehat hackers then you need (a) no job, (b) underpants, (c) slashdot and d) google.

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