Thursday, February 16, 2006

ahhhh the day of flowers!

I was reading Miss Krins post about what's changed for her in the last ten years. It go me thinking about my last ten years and how I've changed.
Because this is an age of sharing your thoughts on the net and now that I have the power (wah-ah-ah) here goes;
  • I am no longer at Uni in Brisbane becoming more and more disenchanted with the whole thing. (dropped out halfway through '96)
  • I now do admin type stuff for a living instead of all things theatrical.
  • I have found the SCA and discovered a love for wearing ginormous dresses.
  • I've discovered I can sew aforementioned dresses.
  • I managed to find a partner that has lasted longer (way way longer) than 6months.
  • I've changed my mind on the whole "I don't want to have children" thing and even succesfully (so far) had a child.
  • I've learnt that generally people don't hate you, they just don't care. It sounds quite harsh but it's true. It's a lot nicer to realise that than to be so worried that some random person you see once a year hates you. Most likely they don't know you well enough to have an opinion.
  • I've been overseas and want to do it again. Just need MrNws dad to move to another country and fly us over again
  • I've felt more sadness and happiness than I think should be allowed.
  • I no longer play catch-up with the drinking at parties. I'm also now a remarkably cheap drunk after being pregnant.
  • I've become a lot happier about being me.
  • I still don't feel like a grown-up despite being in my late late twenties. I'm sure it'll happen after I'm thirty. (yeah right)

That's my musings for the morning.

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