Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bonsai poetry.

We've all done it, I'm sure. Usually without noticing at the time.
Turn a simple enough idea into one line of poetry.
I'm not talkng about witticisms or (heaven forfend) those ubiquitous Successories quotes, but rather a pinch of beauty in the otherwise mundane dross of everyday language.

I was writing an email to a friend whom i met at choral festival last week (think Rowany festival with less excuse for strange clothing, more singing and bigger tents) and reflected that;
Outside the bubble of IV, the rainbow colours blur to a storm cloud.

And I was pretty impressed with myself.

Ob is a champion at it (apart from his I had four espressos with lunch; I can see through time which I'm sure he stole from somewhere else but buggered if i know where) ;
You can't see as far back as merely strange from Mr. Winkle's house with a telescope.

So the call goes out, give me your bonsai poetry, or favourites from elsewhere.
One line only...

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