Friday, February 17, 2006

Juicy, My Arse

While trolling through Ebay, cause i'm really bored. Lucky i'm not pregges or i'd popping a few pills just for something to do. I found this, now call me a puritan but JUICY LOVE is about the last thing i want printed across my arse. Ok there are a few less desirable words out there, but i think i'm turning into a grandmother (not a cool one like Rob's, she is 99 and flew to Las Vegas from Santa Barabra last week for 4 days, probably to get lickered up and flirt with boys...) but a grumpy old biddy with 15 cats and laments the decline of society.
Its in the sportswear section, though i am the one whose shorts are held up with a safety pin, which in last nights boxing class came undone while i was flopping around trying to do pushups.
So maybe i need some juicy arse, though somehow i think i will still look less like a tool with safetypinned shorts....

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