Monday, February 20, 2006

Well, That Was Nice

even the Canberra bits.

Wandered down south on the weekend for medieval type thangs. We drove down Friday night to Site, set up camp with the whole place to ourselves.
Next morning we found these strange little guys (smaller than a 5 cent piece) I was going to play 'Name That Whacky Araneidae', but 5 minutes of google revealed all.

Jewel (or Spiney) Spider Astracantha minax
either that or when the main invasion force turn up, they are going to be mightly pissed when they realise somebody got the whole size scale wrong...

Somewhere in the wilds between Yass and Canberra there is this Place of Goodness.
Poachers Pantry made us very happy, sat on the veranda, listening and watching the Cockies goof around in the paddock and dined on yummy smoked meats, dips and bread.

I won't bang on about getting lost in Canberra itself, cause its even less interesting in the retelling. Suffice to say we found our way out to Greenway, and spent the arvo lolling about, reading, chatting and drinking Shiraz.

That night back on Site there was meat, beer and laughs. The next morning helped Mouse and Tops, build a cement and rock wall at the base of the sniper clock tower. Note the handiwork...skilled labour.

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