Saturday, February 11, 2006

Coming back to haunt me

After blithely stating that if I lost this baby due to an accident I wouldn't hunt down and get medieval on the person involved in the accident (on an LP post), I had time to reflect today on that very topic after we were involved in a very minor car accident this morning. We are all fine. Well the car is looking worse for wear, but the rest of us are all good. Shaken but not stirred.

But it did make me think what if something did happen. Would my views on things being an accident and no one's fault still hold. Just to give you some background - we stopped behind a couple of cars that had stopped ahead of us, the driver behind us couldn't stop in time and hit us and pushed us into the car in front. Low speed, and minor damage to the other two cars, but we being in the middle copped a bit more damage. I was in the passenger seat, and wearing my seatbelt, so I was only thrown forward a bit and didn't get thrown into anything. The airbags didn't deploy so it wasn't serious. Charlie was a bit upset, but possibly because he lost hold of his drink rather than anything else. He seems fine tonight.

The car was still driveable, so after exchanging details we drove home. I had plenty of time to think about how I would feel if anything did happen to bubs, who had gone quiet. Fortunately we had spoken to our midwife who had asked us all the pertinent questions re pain, bleeding etc which were all absent and told us that the baby would be quiet for a while due to the shock, so we weren't panicking. But I did wonder about my earlier stance. Okay it was an accident, the driver of the car that hit us did their best to swerve and stop and avoid hitting us. But what if something had happened to the baby? Would I still feel that it was all an accident or would I want revenge? As I calmed down and the shock abated I decided that I wouldn't hunt them down, but I would be very very angry for a long time. Then I decided that maybe I shouldn't make rash statements on blogs that might come back to haunt me. I shudder to think how many other rash statements might be out there waiting for me.

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