Thursday, February 02, 2006

into the Historical Archives we go...

I've been tidying up. god knows it needs to be done...

stop laughing you lot!

and part of the tidying up involved completely resorting and efficiently compiling a shite-load of photos. yes, back into the folders which have their negs. yes, writing the approximate date of when the photos were taken onto the front of the folder. did you know, sometimes I even write the negative number on the back of the photo?

I'm sure someone else out there does that too.

there's got to be some still lurking around somewhere else (isn't there always?) but for the main part, it's been done. and in doing all the sorting I came across photos of Lemming Tabards Marks I and II. we won't go into the technical details of how Mr Nw's original tabard was the Real Lemming Tabard Mark I and so all the others are actually a number out of whack... it's now a Relic and so therefore is Something Else Altogether.

so for the purposes of historical archiving, and feeling all sentimental when Coz posted all those lovely puffy-panted piccies, and for saying yet again Gosh-darn-aren't-we-triffic, I present:

Lemming Tabards Mark I: Default Mode, circa 1991
(can anyone date this photo more accurately?)

awwww... weren't we all 15 years younger? I think this was the first time Mr Tops fought with us - and became our Knight Councillor (whateverthatis). Coz fought with us too, somewhere there's a photo like this with her in it, wearing her red archer's outfit. and I really didn't remember that Giblet was there all those years ago! Andrew and Two-Eyed Pete were also fighting - there's a group photo of us and Deorc to prove it. this might well have been the year of the Lemming Palanquin, of which only 1 photo exists, and I don't have it. you know, any time you want to carry me on a platform and scatter rosepetals again, just let me know...

Lemming Tabards Mark II: The Puffy-Slashy Years, 1995

a shame we're draped all over the the War Cart, which was as wond'rous a site to behold as our prettiness. also a shame that there were so many photos taken of this 'photo-op', and yet no-one can find any of them... because we looked rather triffic at the time if I do say so myself. also, please to be admiring the most fabulous Lemming Wall, which successfully hid the complete brothel that our campsite was. I mean looked. admit it - our campsite really did look bloody terrible! the Wall was great, and also pretty Mighty, right up until it was used as a shower screen. oh how the Mighty have fallen. and look at how little the Roof-Dood is!

Lemming Tabards Mark III: The Enormous Trousers Era, 2000-

need I say more? I though I'd post another of the new lot just so we can see them all side by side.

when you think about it, the dates mean it's almost time we thought of a new theme, you know. we can do anything...

...but not Viking. ;-)

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