Thursday, February 02, 2006

Your tax dolla at work.

Many of you will remember my endless ranting about the idiocy of the new management at UNSW a few years back, when they decided to completely screw up the only functional campus-wide IT group that the uni had. Don't worry, I'm not going to start in again - heck, they paid me nicely to go away - I just wanted to share the deliciously ironic latest twist.

When they did our restructure they went from something called a "horizontal model" to a "vertical" one. Near as I can tell - once you strip away the BS - the "horizontal model" means that everyone knows how to do their job, but they have to work together to solve problems, and the "vertical model" means that everyone knows how to do a little bit (but only a little bit) of everyones job, but has to take complete responsibility for a given problem. Like that was _ever_ going to work.

Apparently they've decided to have a new restructure. Their new and innovative idea for how to revitalise the university IT is to go with a horizontal model (like we used to have, and we told them over and over was better for the task) rather than the current vertical model (which we told them was shite right from the start.) And the sad thing is, since they're idiots and have no clue and they've squandered half their talent and completely demoralised the rest, they're almost inevitably going to screw this up too. The funniest (and most ironic) thing is, they are probably so blissfully unaware of everything we ever said to them that they don't even realise that they are finally admitting that we were right.

Ah, the sweet sweet smell of vindication...

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