Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Harry's most boring incoherent post ever.

Dear Speedy,
I have learned how to make a dessert.
It is Summer Berry Compote with Coniessure(sp?) icecream.
It is possibly the yummiest thing ever.
After Maya Stange, of course.
Oh, and Natalie Portman in EpisodeII after the beasty rips off half her top.
And whoever it was who played Mrs Carpenter the librarian in Buffy whom Giles falls for and then gets killed by Angelus; and used to be a dancer with Prince and was apparently the inspiration for the song 'Raspberry Beret'. The Summer Berry Compote had Raspberries in it (and blueberries and strawberries) but I don't think I'd be putting it on her head. And I could test out how accurate, in the flesh, the superlative "a belly made for melting icecream on" [which was made with reference to that belly dancing pop-star from a few years back] really is. I'm thinking: lots.

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