Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bored now!

I've had it.
I had to use a potato peeler on my ears to avoid that shithouse Delta song.
'Which shithouse Delta song?'
'Any shithouse Delta song.'

Delta is bland, dull, boring and lame. She's been totally eclipsed, and rightly so, by Missy Higgins, so we have no need of her now. Kylie has a much more newsworthy cancer, so she can't even offer that any more.

I dunno about you but I just want to slap her. Sure, it might be mostly because she looks like she could be Pauline Hanson's daughter, but mostly because I get annoyed with her 'I'm Australia's Princess!' routine.
Not my bloody princess. A true Aussie Princess wouldn't be a drippy Princess but a full on Queen with all the majesty and respect that it entails. Not some floppy, droopy, chuxx wipe of a pretty little flimsy thing. Princesses suck arse! Mary Donaldson didn't sit around mooning at the pines or pining at the moon or whatever waiting for some dandy with good hair to waltz in a save her. No. She went out and caught her very own Prince, thereby showing the true makings of a queen. A true Aussie princess would go out fighting bushfires. Somehow I don't see Delta fighting bushfires. Missy Higgins does impromptue pole dancing with Jet. I can see her fighting fires. Sure Delta played a piano that was on fire but the one I want to see her play is the one at the end of 'Epic' by Faith No More. The one that blows up at the end.

So piss off Delta and bring back Holly and all her yumminess.

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