Monday, June 20, 2005

Charlie's Book Meme

Thanks to Sage Salvador aged 2 and 3/4 for tagging me with this meme.

My book meme by Charlie Michael Ellis Johnson aged 2 and 1/3

Total number of books.

I don't know cause I can't count further than about 10 (with a bit of mumbling in the middle) and Mummy forgot to count for me.

Last book that was bought for me.

What made Tidalik laugh? Mummy bought this for me because she remembers it from pre-school. It is about a frog. I like Tiggers better.

Last book that was read to me.

Mummy started reading me Mulga Bill's Bicycle, but she stopped because I wouldn't stay in bed. Last night she read me some crap about Andrew Garrett in an attempt to bore me to sleep. But it didn't work.

5 books that mean a lot to me.

Winnie the Pooh book because it has lots of stories so Mummy can read to me for hours before I finally fall asleep.

Spot takes a Bath because I can read it in the bath and it has ducks in it and bubbles.

Nemo bath book because it has fishies in it. I point them out to Mummy and tell her that they are fish. She always forgets.

Mr Men books. Mummy found them cheap at the Post Office, and then she got two more when she bought washing powder. My Mummy knows how to be a cheapskate too.

Dog book. Another cheapy purchased to keep me quiet in the supermarket. It has pictures of dogs. I like dogs. I haven't yet worked out that I could have a dog of my own, but it won't be long. Mummy and Daddy are hoping that I don't start asking for a dog before we leave Alice Springs. I might get a dog for my birthday.

I am tagging Alex Bean (cause I can't spell his surname), World Peace and a Speedboat, Meg and harry.

I think it's funny to do a poo in my nappy, tell Mummy that I haven't done one when she asks me, then run away giggling when she tries to check.

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