Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Taste Sensation

Waiting for me in my inbox this morning was this email from a friend who is currently working in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Maybe it's just that I'm pre-coffee.. but this doesn't appeal at all....

I just wanted to tell you about my latest Thai taste sensation. One of the first things you learn to say in any language textbook here is "Thai food is delicious" and "I don't like foreign food". No-one likes foreign food, and western food, in Chiang Rai at least, is pretty bad. So I've been on a crusade to try and convert the people at work to liking foreign food. Today I bought cornchips and made salsa using Estelle's (delicious) recipe plus three chillis and two big cloves of garlic. They tried it, said it was nice but a bit tasteless, and added fish sauce, spoonfuls of sugar, and sweetened condensed milk! Then, it was apparently delicious! I think it might be a lost cause...

So.. what are YOUR hideous food stories?

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