Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dream job?

I always thought I wanted a job that paid well and wasn't very busy. Well now I have a job that pays okay, and isn't very busy and you know what? I'm not content. WTF I hear you ask. Well it's like this. The most exciting thing to happen this week is my boss has come back from maternity leave and brought the baby with her. So yesterday I spent a large part of the day soothing baby off to sleep, rocking her in her pram, holding her so she didn't cry while Mum got some work done. All lovely, don't get me wrong, but somehow not fulfilling, job wise. Made me clucky though.

Today I have been slightly busier and haven't handled baby all day, but then at about midday I finished everything, and have been reading blogs since. This afternoon I get to order a first aid kit. This could be the closest thing I do to work all afternoon. Unless the phone rings. Which it probably won't. Oh no I forgot, I also called the Office place to find out when our new photocopier is going to be delivered. The life of the corporate highflyer, not. I'm not sure how I'm going to sell the whole admin/nanny thing on my CV. I actually sat in front of the fax and waited while it printed out five pages, then picked up each page as it was spat out by the fax stamped it and wrote the date on it. That is today's most exciting event so far. In fact could be the week's most exciting event. Unless the photocopier actually is delivered tomorrow. But this is the Northern Territory so I'm not holding my breath.

If by chance the photocopier is delivered tomorrow, the most exciting thing to happen will be dealing with people whinging about not knowing how to use said new photocopier and expecting me to do it for them. Really tempted to sneak new photocopier in behind my desk and hunch over it, growling, like an alley cat over food, so that no one can piss me off by asking me to show them how to use it / do their photocopying for them. But I'm not sure I'm paid enough to go to all that effort.

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