Saturday, June 11, 2005

even while I'm horrified I remain perpetually hopeful...

...because otherwise, what's the point?

thanks for the horrors of the planet's lingering death, Hazman... and even though the concept of encouraging you to be even more righteous absolutely scares the crappe out of me, here's a bone, puppy -

it's all about Global Dimming, which if you're worried about the Greenhouse Effect, you'll really, really want to read about. I don't know if you managed to watch this programme earlier on in the year on Four Corners, but I did. I watched the repeat as well, to wrap my head around it properly. and because it was bloody fascinating. read the transcript. it's just mind-boggling with a capital BOGGLE (and I don't mean that game with the dice in a plastic bubble, either).

there's a page on the four corners site with more links about Global Dimming -

go and sharpen the Flaming Sword, Harry - I'm off to design my Apocalypse-Viewing Frock. man, it's gunna be snazzy.

but you will let me know when it's happening, won't you?

ps - unused as I am to posting Serious Shit, I will endeavour in the next day or two to lighten the mood with a truly frivolous piece of ephemera. god knows we all need it!

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